Tickfaw State Park

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Swamp Lilies & Wood Ducks--  Just a couple of the Many Sights at Tickfaw State Park



Created in the late 90's and consisting of over 1,200 acres, Tickfaw State Park is one of Louisiana's most precious hidden jewels.  Lying on the east bank of the Tickfaw River, and sheltered from the intense summer heat by what seems like miles of beautiful cypresses and maples, the park gives you a feel for the timelessness and beauty of the river and Louisiana.   

On almost any given afternoon, I never know what I may find while traversing the roads and byways of the park.  Often times, I have had to wait for wild turkeys to cross the road, before I could travel, and on almost every overnight visit, I have been awakened by singing birds as dawn breaks over the tops of the cypresses. 

For families with small children or skittish spouses, the park is a wonderful place to acquaint them with nature.  It is people friendly and wonderfully safe.   Generally walking six or more feet above the swamp floor, the visitor gets the feeling of  being in the swamp without being forced to wade through the mud. 

For those brave enough to go canoeing, the park is the creme de la creme of paddling hotspots.  Complete with a full service canoe rental vendor, anyone can stroll through the park's waterways to experience the park from a whole new perspective.   Truly beautiful in a way so rare today, a canoe trip shows the soft underside of the swamp.  Paddle along and watch great egrets, herons, and ibises feed in the shade of a massive cypress.  Immerse yourself in the cool air of lazy summer days.   No matter if it is a hundred degrees in New Orleans, the park is always a cool getaway.

I have never been wealthy enough to belong to a private lodge or own acres of land, but with places like Tickfaw State Park I feel as though I don't need to.  It truly makes me feel rich, and grateful my tax dollars go to support such a wonderful institution.   I believe the conception, design, and structure of this park to be the pinnacle of Louisiana achievement.


Tickfaw State Park has several wonderful amenities:  such as a Nature Center complete with a touch and feel section for the little ones,  14 cabins that more closely resemble high dollar condos than cabins, and over a mile of scenic board walk.   Current rate for the cabins is $65.00/night.  Please check with the website below for the most up-to-date information.


Located app. 12 miles due west of Ponchatula, Louisiana, Tickfaw State park is about 1 hour from New Orleans and 45 minutes from Baton Rouge.  For a detailed map, please go to the website below.



For web Information go to http://www.crt.state.la/

Or you can call 1-888-981-2020 for more specifics.