Tchefuncte River Lighthouse

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Built in 1838, this lighthouse is a monument to Southeast Louisiana's nautical history.  Located at the mouth of the Tchefuncte River and just south of the town of Madisonville, Louisana, this lighthouse has stood the test of many fierce Lake Ponchartrain Storms. Standing over 43 feet tall and made of brick and stucco, this is one of the oldest structures along the lake.  Orginally the lighthouse stood only 30 feet tall.   This structure however was destroyed during the Civl War.  It was rebuilt into what we see today.  Although only currently accessible by boat and in grave disrepair, plans are currently underway to restore the lighthouse to its once grand stature.   If restoration efforts work the lighkeeper's quaters, which are   now located at the Madisonville Boatyard, are hoped to be once again placed next to the lighthouse. 

It is possible to view the lighthouse from the road.   Turn South off Highway 22 onto Main Street.  Follow the road to the very end and look due west.  You cannot miss it.  To assist with the repair of the lighthouse call the Lake Ponchartrain Basin Maritime Museum at 504-845-9200.



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  A view from the top of the lighthouse


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From Inside Looking up at the Ceiling



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Evening Shadows


Orginal Photograph taken at turn of Century by Alexander Allison