Louisiana Soundscapes

"Let Your Ears be Your Guide"

 Please note:  These files may take a while to load because of their size.  Please be patient.  Also, because of the limitations of bandwidth the original recording quality has been downgraded to that of AM Radio to make them play  faster. If you hear skips try to wait a moment and then replay.

Please do not copy  without written permission.  Copyright 2003; George Payne


March along with a Mardi Gras Parade

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Listen as a Street Car Eases It Way Down St. Charles past Napoleon.

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Ding! Ding! Ding!!

Hear the Streetcar's Bell!

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Relax on a Boat while Drifting Through a Swamp

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Or Listen to the Swamp at Midnight


Or the Call of the

Carolina Wren and Fighting Tufted Titmice



A Few of Our Natural Sounds

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Special Note:  Because of the size of the sound files, they will take a few extra seconds to download.  Every effort has been made to reduce this time without damaging the quality of the recording.




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