Print Facts


Thanks for your interest in purchasing a print from our website.  To help you understand what you are buying, we have prepared a short list of facts.  After reading this, if you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 504-905-0131.

1)  All  of the watermarks you see in the images on the website will be removed from the final image you purchase.  They are only used on the web to protect from unauthorized use. 

2)  We use only the best inks and paper to print your image.  All images are archival.  We want our images to live on long after we are gone.

3) All images are signed and dated.  

4)  What if I need the print FAST?  Just call us, we will figure something out within your time frame. 

5) What happens if my image gets crushed in the mail or if the color on my wall doesn't match?  Just give us a call, we will work with you to resolve any issues.  Your satisfaction is important to us!!!

4)  Lastly, we recommend that you display your print framed under glass and away from any direct sunlight.  These prints have incredible life spans, but direct sunlight and dust can destroy the inks and paper over time.