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As with all aspects of life, people come along occasionally which surprise you and refresh your sense of wonder for the ordinary world we live in.  This has been absolutely the case since I have had the privilege of meeting and seeing the work of Miss. Erin Martin.  All of 16 (maybe 17) years of age.  Her work shows the talent of many generations of artists inside of one soul.  Her ability to see abstract and concrete beauty in the plain and mundane is nothing short of a gift from the heavens above.  Already having numerous publication credits under her belt, this is one person to watch.   I sincerely hope she will still speak to me when she is famous.   

George Payne

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About Erin and Her Work

Growing up in the seemly eerie swamp lands of Southeast Louisiana, it became clear at an early age that Erin Michelle Martin had a special eye for capturing the hidden beauty of the wildlife habitats that surrounded her Grand Point home.  Her first photos were just for fun.  An old 35mm camera was always in hand on family fishing and hunting trips.  She didn't have much confidence in her photography at the time, but she was so inspired by the moss draped trees, brightly colored  birds and the ever intimidating alligators that she became determine to focus on her passion for photography.  Erin's father admired her drive to become a better photography.  Erin's father admired her drive to become a better photographer and decided that the old camera just wasn't enough.  He surprised her on her 14th birthday with a new lens that brought her true love of nature into focus.  Feeling more confident with her photos, she began entering several local and national competitions.  This new angle on her work provided this self-taught photographer an opportunity to learn more about her craft from professionals and other young photographers around the country.  Now, her award winning images are helping show the world the simply beauty she found in her own backyard.  Erin's unique nature photography has garnered national attention and is feature in magazines, on calendars, in wildlife galleries and at tourist spots throughout Southeast Louisiana.

You can contact Erin at or you can call 225-869-4704.




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