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As part of Cajun Images' mission of documenting and promoting Louisiana Culture we have complied many of Louisiana's finest recipes into one place.  Some of these recipes have been passed down in my family for many generations.  Please keep coming back to this page as over time, we will continue to add recipes.  If you know of a great recipe we don't have, please send us an email.

Before you can dive into the recipes you must first understand the most basic principle of Cajun/South Louisiana Cooking. 

Our cooking is the marriage of simple, down to earth ingredients into a union of unique and spicy flavors.  Good recipes are never complicated, and the ingredients, with very few exceptions, are items that you can pick up at your local grocery store and seafood market.  Since all the recipes cook large quantities, our food is never meant to be eaten alone, but in the company of good friends.     


Click Here for a Glossary of Cajun Cooking Terms


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Oysters Bienville -- In Process


Vegetables and Rice Dishes
  1. Cajun Cabbage
  2. Jambalaya
  3. Red Beans and Rice


  1. Gumbo
  1. Stuffed Flounder
  2. Baked Stuffed Shrimp
  3. Baked Red Snapper
  4. BBQ Shrimp
  5. Cajun Shrimp
  6. Catfish Courtbouillon
  7. Redfish and Shrimp with Sherry Sauce
  8. Blackened Redfish
  9. Shrimp Creole
  10. Cajun Style Lobster


  1. Cajun Venison
  2. Chicken Sauce Piquant
  3. Fried Turkey


  1. Amaretto
  2. Bananas Foster
  3. New Orleans Pralines


Cajun BBQ Sauces and Rubs




Glossary of Cajun Cooking


Andouille -- a Cajun sausage of pork and special seasonings which is smoked.  Typically used in red beans and rice, gumbos, and jambalaya.

Bisquie -- a meat or seafood cream based thick soup with a little extra spice.

blackened -- fish or meat cooked in a cast iron skillet with butter at high heat with a heavy coating of spices and seasonings

Etoufee -- to smother with onions and other vegetables  -- usually bell peppers and celery

Fricasse -- a stew made from meat or chicken which has been previously cooked in butter

Gumbo -- a Cajun Soup which uses a roux as a base

Jambalaya -- a rice dish where everything cooked into one pot

Pann -- to fry a breaded or floured meat at high heat with a small amount of oil

Roux -- a half and half mixture of oil and flour that is used as a thickening and flavoring ingredients in gravies or gumbos

Stock -- The most important part of any soup or gumbo.  It is water which has been boiled with a mixture of vegetables and animal parts and then strained.  A favorite saying, "To make a good gumbo, you must first have a good stock."

Tasso -- very lean pork cut into strips that is highly seasoned and smoked.  I like to think of it as a Cajun Beef Jerky

Trinity -- one of the fundamental building blocks of many Cajun recipes the most basic ingredient mixture of over half of all Cajun recipes -- chopped onion, bell peppers, and celery





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