Bayou Sauvage



Bayou Sauvage was established in 1990, and is made up of almost 23,000 acres.  The refuge's landscape is divided evenly between brackish and freshwater marshes.  In addition to the marshes, there are about 500 acres of hardwood forests.  Bayou Sauvage is the largest urban refuge in the U.S., and was set up to provide protection for some of New Orleans's last remaining wetlands.  The refuge leans heavily to education of users, and is managed to provide premium habitat for wintering waterfowl.  There are numerous species of ducks and other migratory bird species that over winter at the refuge.  On any given day during the winter, it is possible to see almost eighty species of ducks, waders, herons, warblers, etc.  For more information, contact the refuge at 504-646-7545.


Actually located within the city limits of New Orleans on Hwy 90 East. Call the number above for more specific instructions.

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