Bill Bergen

Bird Photographer


Please Note:   Bill's Images are Below Introduction.


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Every so often, someone comes along who truly brings out the best in other people.  No one I know exemplifies this more than Bill Bergen.  As a wild bird photographer for many years, Bill has captured some of the most wonderful images of birds I have ever seen.  His travels have brought him to all corners of our state in search of the perfect image.  Methodical in technique and precise in his shooting.  Bill accepts nothing less than absolute perfection in his work.  He has been published in numerous national publications such as Wild Bird, Birders World, etc.  Bill has also won several regional and national awards.

When Bill is not out shooting birds, he spends his free time promoting perseveration and bird watching as a hobby.  He volunteers with the Crescent Bird Club.  And if that weren't enough  he gives presentations to various organizations on conservation and bird watching throughout the year.

To be honest, it was Bill who inspired me to get involved with nature photography.   After seeing his work, my eyes were opened to all the beautiful things that were living right underneath my nose.  No longer did I walk through a field and just see grass and trees.  I began to see painted buntings, sparrows, hawks, and eagles.  My entire world became a much bigger and more beautiful place. I owe Bill an enormous debt that I don't know if I will ever repay.

Below are a few of Bill's images.  I hope they bring you some of the same joy and inspiration they have brought to me.

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Eastern Screech-Owl


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