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 Mark Lagrange




Through the years I have photographed with many, many nature photographers.  Of all them, Mark is the one who surprises me the most.  Just when I think he has produced the greatest possible image of all time, he always seems to reach into his bag and find another one that is even better.  His talent seems to only be limited by the time he spends behind the lens.  He is truly one of the greats in the making.  LANPA wishes him much success in his shooting career.

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Mark Lagrange, a northshore native, is an award winning photographer who has taught, lectured, and led photo shoots throughout Southeast Louisiana.  As style goes, the challenge that Mark places on himself is to go beyond the scenic or wildlife documentary.  His photographs emphasize composition, lighting and sense of motion that brings his art to life. 

  • Extensive work in south Louisiana
  • Travels to many locations throughout the nation.  Has done significant work in Yellowstone, Grand Teton N.P., Alaska, California Oregon coast, Smoky Mountains, Bosque del Apache, Red Rock Canyon, Grand Canyon, and south Florida.
  • Planning return trips this year to Bosque del Apache, Yellowstone
  • Favorite locations (Bosque del Apache, Yellowstone, & Lake Martin)
  • Grew up on the northshore hiking in the woods. Avid birder. Had patience to teach birds (tufted titmice) to eat out of his hands. Eventually this evolved into photography of birds.
  • Has been seriously pursuing photography for 7 years
  • Medium is mostly slide for superior color.
  • Learned photography through reading, lectures, competitions, but mostly extensive trial and error (self taught)
  • Work is inspired by photographic works of Dewitt Jones, Julia Sims, & C.C. Lockwood.
  • Taught nature photography for University of New Orleans
  • Speaker at local photo clubs and Birdfest
  • Career is financial rep. with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
  • Published in a national calendar